HOLY BLOOD Album Cover - Day of Vengeance.

Cover Holy Blood Day of Vengeance

The main idea of ​​the cover: the Slavic warrior holds in his hand the severed head of Baphomet. This means that Slavic Christianity will not be reconciled with the perverted values ​​of this world, which unfortunately many European and American churches accepted, having begun to marry same-sex marriages, supporting white and black racism, the right of radical Zionism, as well as anti-Semitism and other perversions...

Behind the warrior's back, Babylon and Egypt blaze, on which rain of fire falls, the same that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. These are the strongholds and values ​​of this world, which have always been contrary to God and are subject to destruction. These values ​​will be crushed by anyone who conquers the values ​​of this world in themselves.

The warrior that is napping in each of us
Gotta wake up from doubt and sleep
Evil at the doorstep of our homes
He will crush with a steel sword.

This picture was embodied into the life of Vitaliy Tretyakov.